Firefly House, Cowes – Covid-19 Policy

This page will be updated Spring 2021 with the latest Firefly House Covid 19 Policy

Please read in conjunction with policies from Quay Management 

September 2020

This Covid-19 Policy is a working document and will be updated regularly.

For guests booking and staying at Firefly House, please ensure that you understand the Guest Responsibilities section before booking, and before travelling to the Isle of Wight.

It is the guest’s responsibility to adhere to all government guidelines (see Guest Responsibilities)

Our standard terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with this Covid-19 Policy, some of the standard T&Cs may be overridden by Covid-19 clauses below​.

House availability

  • It is the gusests resposibility to adhere to all Government Covid regulations.

  • Firefly House accommodates a maximum of 8 persons, that’s a total of 8 adults, children or infants, ONLY.  If more than 8 persons are found to be staying at the house, guests will be asked to leave and security deposit forfeited. 


  • If at any stage, Government advice changes which would affect guests' stay at Firefly House, we will contact guests with bookings to discuss.  Please contact us before booking to discuss the cancellation policy.  

  • Bookings made through and AirBNB may have a different cancellation policy, but Firefly House will endeavour to work with these booking sites.

  • If a guest needs to cancel a stay due to issues related to Covid-19, they should contact Firefly House to discuss options.  Rather than refund, with appropriate notice, it may be possible to transfer holiday dates.  

  • If at any stage the staff at Firefly House are unable to provide accommodation due the Cover-19 issues beyond our control, we will contact guests with bookings to discuss and will endeavour to seek alternative accommodation for guests, or refund booking payment.


Guests from overseas

  • Current Government policy legislates that individuals travelling from certain overseas countries will be required to self-isolate for a period of 14 days.  Firefly House is therefore not accepting any bookings from anyone who has arrived into the UK within the preceding 14 days of their booking date.

  • Last minute bookings may be accepted with prior discussion and agreement from Firefly House.  This policy applies to all bookings in 2020 and 2021.


Booking buffers

  • Firefly House will endeavour to keep the property empty for 24 hours after the previous guests have checked out in order to give the property a full deep clean, and finish the cleaning process approximately 12 hours before in advance of the new guests' arrival time unless guests are notified differently.



  • Firefly House will be prepared and disinfected for each check-in.  Due to thorough cleaning procedures, early check-ins and late check-outs are not permitted this year (check in times are 4pm, check out times are 10am)

  • There is a self-check in procedure through a key safe which is disinfected.  


Staff access to Firefly House

  • During your stay Firefly House, staff will not enter the property unless extreme emergency. 

  • Broken items should be reported, but may not be fixed during a booking.

  • Linen changes or additional cleaning will not be available this year.


Cleaning procedure

  • Our cleaning team will ensure that high-traffic areas and high-touch areas (handles, switches, key safe, knobs, balustrades, work surfaces, remote controls), are cleaned and sanitised with appropriate cleaning solution and disinfectant.

  • Where possible disposable cloths and paper towels will be used to minimise germ spread

  • We provide guests with cleaning supplies, disinfectant, soap, toilet paper and kitchen roll and request that any waste is appropriately disposed of (please see Guest Responsibilities section below).  

  • We do NOT supply PPE for guests’ use and request that guests bring their own disposable gloves and face masks.

  • We supply hand sanitiser gel (70% alcohol) for use within the house (please see Guest Responsibilities section below).  



  • Firefly House provides a full set of linen and towels for 8 persons.  Linen provided is washed at 40 degrees. 

  • To minimise bedrooms, scatter cushions and bed throws have been removed for the foreseeable future, but there are additional blankets in cupboards. 

  • If guests prefer, they may bring their own linen and/or towels, please let us know in advance to ensure the house is set appropriately.

  • To enable a booking buffer and a thorough deep clean of the house, this summer the beds will be set as Albacore-1xKing, Javelin-1xSuperking, FlyingFifteen-2xSingle, JollyBoat-2xSingle

  • We request that guests strip beds on the morning of checkout and place Firefly House linen in the bags provided.



Guests who develop Covid-19 symptoms

  • Firefly House will endeavour to do our best to ensure that we support guests to get appropriate care.

  • Any guests who displays signs of the Covid-19 virus while staying at Firefly House, must inform us immediately and follow the guidelines outlined below in the Guest section.


Guest Responsibilities
before, during and after staying Firefly House


Guest responsibility for government regulations

  • It is the guest’s responsibility to adhere to all government guidelines, especially those concerning travel outside of home, arrival in UK quarantine, self isolation symptom quarantine, restrictions concerning people socialising from different households, and the need for social distancing.

  • If any guest has arrived in the UK within 14 days before check-in at Firefly House, they must discuss travel and quarantine arrangements before their journey to the Isle of Wight.  Guests will not be accepted at Firefly House if they have arrived from any country with quarantine guidance.

  • All guests staying at at Firefly House, including anyone visiting the house, must supply their contact details (name, telephone number, email address).  Delay or failure to supply contact details will result in keys being withheld.  See Maintaining Records for NHS Track & Trace for more info.


  • Guests MUST NOT travel to the Isle of Wight, or attempt to check in to Firefly House if they have a temperature, feel unwell or display any symptoms of Covid-19.

  • If any guest or any visitor to Firefly House experiences any symptoms of COVID-19 during, the following steps must be taken: 

    • If the person shows acute symptoms, has breathing difficulties or their life is at potential risk, seek medical help immediately.  Seek specific Covid-19 support (choose most appropriate option:  online advice, call 111, call 119, call 999 if extreme emergency).  Guests must follow advice given by NHS.

    • Inform Firefly hosts immediately on 07596 168133 or email

    • If a guest presents themselves with symptoms of COVID-19 or is asymptomatic but declares the need to self-isolate, they should inform Firefly House, check out immediately and return home to self-isolate according to current government guidance.

    • For full information see PDF at bottom of this page

Check ins and check outs

  • This year it is not possible to request an early check in or a late check out and therefore guests are requested to adhere to the 4pm check in and 10am check out.  

  • Guests must wash their hands/use hand sanitiser immediately when entering or leaving Firefly House.

  • Keys area available from the key safe, the touch pad should be sanitised by guests when they leave

Sanitising and personal protection products

  • We request that guests bring their own personal supply of hand soap, hand sanitiser, tissues, disposable gloves, face masks for use outside of the house (ie when going into town, or making day trips around the Island).  

  • If guests have allergies they should ensure they bring a full supply of personal cleaning & sanitising products.

  • Guests must ensure that they have appropriate facial coverings (enough for all guests), this is currently a mandatory requirement for travel on ferries over to the Island.

  • We kindly request that guests do not remove hand sanitiser pumps, soap pumps etc from the house.



  • In order to minimise contamination, guests should strip beds and place Firefly House linen and towels into provided bags on departure

  • If guests prefer to bring their own linen, please notify Firefly House when booking to ensure the house is set appropriately 


Cleaning of house during guests’ stay

  • Firefly House will be cleaned as thoroughly as possible before guests’ arrival.  

  • During their stay, we kindly request that guests use cleaning products provided to ensure that the house is kept clean and sanitised during every day.  

  • Before and after using kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, pots, pans, crockery and cutlery, guests should clean and sanitise to ensure maximum hygiene and safety for all guests.

  • When using equipment (eg DVDs, hairdryer, toys, beach equipment etc), guests must clean and sanitise each and every product, before and after its use, to ensure it is safe for their own personal use, and safe to be handled after they have left.

  • Prior to departure, guests should ensure that the house is left clean, tidy and sanitised to allow cleaners to safely enter the house.


  • Guests should remove ALL waste from the house (ie empty kitchen bins, bathroom bins, collect used tissues, wipes any other waste).  

  • All waste should be bagged and securely tied in provided waste bags (black bin bags or white recycling bags) and placed in the outside wheelie bins.