Isle of Wight shops

Information on this page is now out of date - please see VisitIOW website for up-to-date information on the Isle of Wight

The Best Dressed Crab, Bembridge Embankment

Fish shop and cafe

We specialise in the freshest finest Crabs and Lobsters, which are caught locally and only the very best are selected for sale.


We provide beautiful fresh local dressed crabs served in their shell and ready to eat, fantastic whole crabs and amazing giant crab claws, fresh local lobsters, simply cooked, prepared or live.

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Local Bembridge prawns (an absolute delicacy) are available when in season.


Open 7 days including Bank Holidays.

Pomegranate, High Street, Bembridge

Interior gifts

"We believe a home should be filled with your favourite things and we have sourced some of ours to share with you! From one off pieces to coastal treasures, we have everything you need to make a house into a home and lots of lovely gift ideas as well. So indulge yourself but remember to visit regularly as we will always be adding more of our wonderful finds to our collections."

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Bembridge Fish Store, High Street, Bembridge

Fish shop

Fantastic fish shop on Bembridge High Street.

"We sell a large variety of species of Fresh Fish which are found in the waters around the Isle of Wight. Bass, Bream, Plaice, Dover Sole, Ray Wing, Mackerel, Red & Grey Mullet, Pollack and Cod to name but a few. All are subject to the fickle whim of nature, that's the fun of buying from day boats you get what nature has given up. We have fantastic cooked Bembridge Ledge Lobster, Crab and hand picked Crab meat.

In order to offer a full range of wet fish we also buy from Cornish day boats. The fish we bring from Cornwall are species not caught often in our waters such as Squid, Scallops, Haddock, Monk Fish and much more.

To compliment all of our wonderful fresh produce we sell a useful range of sauces, oils, marinades and chutneys.

Photo shows the crab linguine dish we cooked from their crab, see blog post

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