Lazy summer days at The Hut, Colwell Bay

The Hut at Colwell Bay is a fabulous beach restaurant, the type that you dream of and would never expect to find in the UK. Stylish yet very chilled. On a frosty cold winter’s day, these are the photos that you pull up to remind you of last year’s fantastic summer.

You can arrive at The Hut by car with a short walk from the nearest car park through a ‘holiday centre’, or you can walk to the Hut from anywhere along the north west coastline. The best way by far, is to arrive at The Hut is by boat, by rib, by motor boat or by yacht. Just anchor where is safe and radio through to them and they will come and pick you up in their rib. Be advised though, whatever method you use to arrive, make sure you book first as they get very very busy and turn many people away.

We just love love love the Hut, especially when we sail there. We love the mix of chilled yet excited (staff chilled, some guests can be a bit over the top) and so it is a superb place for people watching! And of course if you did sail there, you can sit and admire your boat at anchor while you sip your prosecco!

You don’t go to the Hut for just a quick bite to eat, you go for the whole beach restaurant experience, and as such, you will probably ‘push the boat out’ (pardon the pun) and have that one extra course, or more likely that one extra bottle of wine or round of cocktails! The food has a definite fish theme (fish of the day, Indonesian fish curry, fruits de mer) but there are also steaks, chicken, burgers and of course surf ‘n’ turf. There is a monthly menu on their website. The kitchen shuts between 3 and 6pm which is a great time if you just want a quiet drink as you have a better chance of getting a table and of hearing yourself speak.

The Hut has spent a lot of money this year changing the restaurant around so that there is a much bigger/better kitchen and a roof terrace (with retractable roof) available for private hire (start buying that weekly lottery ticket now!) But even if you can’t afford the roof terrace experience this year, do go to The Hut for that lazy summer lunch experience.